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Clearkit Vibrator Set
popular little set toy kit
Availability: In stock Clearkit Vibrator Set

RRP: $47.94 our price: $37.64

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Duo Balls Super Soft
super soft and simple love balls
Availability: In stock Duo Balls Super Soft

RRP: $17.94 our price: $12.94

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Duo Balls 2 Tone (Red)
duotone compact geisha balls
Availability: No longer in stock Duo Balls 2 Tone (Red)

RRP: $35.94 our price: $29.74

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4 Duotone Balls
four vibrating orgasm balls
Availability: No longer in stock 4 Duotone Balls

RRP: $47.94 our price: $37.94

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Ben Wa Balls


Duo balls are small round objects which can be inserted in the vagina to stimulate and simulate sex. They can also be used for anal use. Duo balls can be left in all day and have uses outside of sex, for example as a medical aid to tighten the vaginal muscles (which in turn increases pleasure during sex).

Duo balls are also referred to as ben wa balls, Burmese bells, geisha balls or orgasm balls. They contain a small weight which allows them to roll around inside the vagina. Their insertion and removal can be an act of teasing or stimulation in itself. Often connected by a silk string for easy insertion and removal, the weight and size of the ben wa balls will vary depending on need or want.

A new user of geisha balls will use the smaller ones in order to become accustomed to the movement and sensation. As the user becomes more familiar, larger balls can be inserted. One or two balls at a time can be used. Orgasm balls can be made of plastic or in some cases stainless steel which are easier to clean.