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Nipple Pump 10 Piece Set
female set for nipple stimulation
Availability: In stock Nipple Pump 10 Piece Set

RRP: $35.94 our price: $20.44

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Nipple Sucker
nipple pump with two rings
Availability: No longer in stock Nipple Sucker

RRP: $29.94 our price: $18.84

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Show Time Nipple Swingers
nipple rings with feathers
Availability: In stock Show Time Nipple Swingers

RRP: $18.00 our price: $12.95

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Squeezer Teaser Nipple...
metal nipple squeezers with...
Availability: In stock Squeezer Teaser Nipple Clamps

RRP: $29.94 our price: $24.94

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Penis Delight Nipple...
no piercing nipple jewellery
Availability: In stock Penis Delight Nipple Rings

RRP: $11.94 our price: $9.94

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Nipple Toys


Don’t leave your nipples out of the action, as they can be a sexy and fun part of foreplay. Nipple play is erotically pleasurable and there are plenty of kinky ways for you to incorporate them into your sexual routine. The nipples are extremely sensitive and stimulating the nerves is pleasurable for both men and women.

Play the dominatrix or the submissive slave with some sexy nipple clamps, nipple rings, chains or suckers. These products work by restricting the blood flow to the nipples, which makes them hard and can produce mild pain for those of you who find some light teasing a turn on.

For those of you who veer more towards the less extreme, then you may like to dress up and turn your partner on with a saucy burlesque dance using a set of nipple tassels as the sexiest outfit accessory. Nipple vibrators, stimulators and nipple pumps will make your nipples hard and send a tingle down your body. The nipples are a sensitive erogenous zone that once your start paying more attention to, you won’t be able to stop.