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Mojo Bumpy Anal Probe

strap on anal probe with cock rings

Availability: In stock

Manufacturer: MOJO

RRP $35.99  $25.95

Product description :

Mojo Bumpy Anal Probe is a creative multi-function sex toy that has something for everyone. Use it as an anal probe attached to yourself to experience the thrill of double penetration! The tapered tip makes entry easy, and the material is very firm.

The lucky man wearing this sex toy will experience the sensation of dual cock rings to help him maintain his erection, and prolong ejaculation, for her it's intense double penetration. The texture of the Mojo Bumpy Anal Probe is similar to that of beads, but sturdy like a dildo.

Attach the top ring around the shaft of the penis and the lower ring around testicles. Once it's in place, his partner is going to enjoy anal stimulation thanks to the long bumpy anal probe with each and every thrust.