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Little Frisky Duo Balls Textured (Lavender)

textured silicone geisha balls

Availability: In stock

Manufacturer: NMC

RRP $35.94  $30.94

Product description :

Little Frisky Duo Balls Textured (Lavender) are soft silicone ben wa balls with a pull string. These duo balls are designed with a studded texture for extra pleasure. The extra long extraction cord ends at an easy to grab loop making these ben wa balls very user friendly for beginners.

Little Frisky Duo Balls Textured is a great set of duo balls for beginners and an effective workout for vaginal muscles.

Whether you’re using them simply for pleasure, or to help increase the intensity of your love making in the long term, these duo balls are a great addition to any sex toy collection.

Hygienic and easy to clean.

Length: 8"(20cm)
Ball diameter: 3.5cm