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Intimate Organics Wild Strawberries Lubricant

organic strawberry warming lubricant

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Manufacturer: Intimate Organics

RRP $29.94  $24.94

Product description :

Intimate Organics Wild Strawberries Lubricant

Unlike many of the other strawberry flavoured lubricants on the market, the Wild Strawberries Lubricant created by Intimate Organics is delicate and lightly scented, offering only a hint of fresh strawberries followed by an infusion of sugary sweetness.

Intimate Organics natural flavoured lubricants are aspartame-free, paraben-free, water and plant derived glycerin based formula. They warm the skin on contact and are absolutely delicious. This strawberry lubricant is tasty enough that you can skip desert, and get to something a little more fun.

The strawberry flavour is likewise subdued, being neither overpowering nor syrupy, and gently hits the taste buds almost out of nowhere, slowly blending into a delightful mix of candied berries. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, instead preferring a delicate fruit flavour over a dessert, we highly suggest spoiling yourself and trying the seductive flavour offered by the Intimate Organics Wild Strawberries Lubricant.