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Intimate Organics Pralines N' Cream Lubricant

organic scented warming lubricant

Availability: This product is no longer in stock with these options but is available with others

Manufacturer: Intimate Organics

RRP $29.94  $24.94

Product description :

Intimate Organics Pralines And Cream Lubricant

With a scent that’s creamy, nutty, savory and delicious, the Pralines ‘n Cream lube smells and tastes just like the ice cream it’s named after, instantly offering a delectable treat for you and your partner to enjoy.

The warm scent of thick, sweet and buttery pralines hits right away, followed by a velvety richness that’s out of this world. Fortunately it tastes just as good as it smells, offering a succulent and smooth mouth-watering experience the second it rolls gently over the taste buds. While it is slightly rich by no means is it overwhelming or sharp, instead being the perfect mixture of savory and sweet.

For those that like the exquisite taste of vanilla ice cream blended with the salty decadence offered by candied pralines you’ll definitely want to try this Intimate Organics Pralines And Cream Lubricant out.