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Wet Stuff Ready Silicone Bodyglide Capsules

silicone lubricant capsules for internal use

Availability: In stock

Manufacturer: Gel Works

RRP $35.94  $30.94

Product description :

Wet Stuff Ready Silicone Bodyglide Capsules are exceptionally long lasting, silky smooth and highly concentrated new forms of lubrication for the receptive partner. The capsules are inserted ahead of time, so you are completely ready for sex whenever the fun begins. One or more capsules are inserted at least 15 minutes before sex for vaginal use and 30 minutes before sex for rectal lubrication. The Bodyglide Capsules dissolve, releasing the lubricant where it's most needed. No fuss. No mess. Perfect timing!

Safe for use with condoms, leather, latex and plastic products. Can be used with other water-based personal lubricating lotions and gels. Do not use with silicone toys. Can be washed out of fabrics with warm soapy water. Wet Stuff Ready Silicone Bodyglide Capsules stay slippery under water for use in the shower or spa. They don't dry out or get sticky. Your intimate encounter need never be interrupted by manual application of lubricant!