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Dianna Stretch Love Doll

3 holes deep penetration

Availability: This product is no longer in stock with these options but is available with others

RRP $47.94  $37.96

Product description :

Dianna Stretch loves deep penetration with her one leg in the air and thighs spread wide. She comes in a flexible position, ready to be manipulated into those hot positions. Lube her up and slip inside for a to-the-hilt penetration in any of her three holes that will drive you wild.

Dianna Stretch is made from seamed PVC with a beautiful screen-printed face taken directly from a photo of a beautiful brunette with deep almond-shaped eyes for a realistic sex doll experience. ThisĀ realistic sex doll has a beautiful mouth which can take up to 5 inches of length and boasts reinforced breasts with stiff nipples that are begging to be fondled and licked.

Dianna's petite love canals all measure 5" in depth and can be used with pocket male masturbators and sleeves that will fit inside her 1.5" diameter for an ultra-realistic sexual feeling.