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Extravaganza Cayenne Cleur Love Doll

movable arms 3D sex doll

Availability: This product is no longer in stock with these options but is available with others

Manufacturer: NMC

RRP $503.94  $383.94

Product description :

Extravaganza Cayenne Cleur Love Doll:

  • Arms swivel in several directions
  • Anatomically correct vagina & anus
  • Thicker material for longer life
  • Realistic 3D molded head
  • Well-stitched piece to show a better shape of the doll
  • Perky breasts with erected nipples
  • Foot pump and vibrating bullet
  • Realistic love tunnel
  • Realistic hair & make up
  • Easy to clean chamber
  • 3D molded hands and feet
  • Painted nails
  • Phthalate free life-like material