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Jasmin Queen Of Sex

who doesn't like chocolate?

Availability: This product is no longer in stock with these options but is available with others

Manufacturer: Seven Creations

RRP $95.94  $81.54

Product description :

Jasmin Queen Of Sex - it is time for you to meet your new queen!

Her three different penetration holes are just begging for you to spend some quality time with them. Who doesn’t love chocolate? This Seven Creations love doll is guaranteed to become one of your new favorite partners in the bedroom.

Jasmin Queen Of Sex love doll has three orgasm producing openings oral, anal and vaginal, and she can perform for you without any trouble at all. Use her luscious mouth for oral stimulation, swing her round for a touch of anal, then throw her over and penetrate her vagina to finish off in a mind-blowing satisfying ejaculation.