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Naughty Checkers Game

checkers, but with a difference

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Product description :

Naughty Checkers Adult Game is an interactive game where 'Checking your Mate' takes on a whole new meaning.

This is checkers, but with a difference.

The (inner) dark squares have instructions on them, such as "Show your undies", "Kiss my neck", "Run your lips up and down my arm". Whenever a piece is captured, the action exposed by the removed piece must be performed by the opponent.

The back row squares (where kings are crowned) have juicier instructions on them, such as "Kiss my inner thigh", "Lick the word 'love' on my tummy", "Divulge a secret fantasy". Whenever a king is crowned, the opponent must carry out the instruction printed on the square where the king stands.

The winner of the Naughty Checkers Adult Game is the first person to capture all his/her opponent's checkers or makes it impossible for his/her opponent to make a move.