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What The Fuck Game

hilarious drinking game

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Product description :

What The Fuck Adult Game is the most flexible drinking game in the world!

In this hilarious drinking game you have to try to guess what the other players are going to answer to the most ridiculous set of questions imaginable. A wrong guess will always get you drinking!

Play with only a few players or with a large group!

Players can easily enter and exit the game. Whoever rolls the dice is asked a question.

People who want to participate vote on the answer and drink if they are incorrect.

The most outrageous questions carry the stiffest drink penalties.

What The F*ck? is an amusing bachelorette party drinking game with over 400 questions in the game so the party will definitely keep goin. The game includes two "What the F*ck?" books, three dice, and 24 player tokens (you can use quarters if you have more than 24 players).

Questions include:

"If you were thrown in jail and had your choice of cellmates, which of these two would you choose?

A. The cross-dressing arsonist.
B. The anorexic gang member.

The What The Fuck adult game has been around for many years and has been very successful. It used to be called Preposterous Proposals.