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Willie Jump Rope

punishment and reward cards

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RRP $42.60  $34.35

Product description :

Willie Jump Rope is the most embarrassing Hens Night game ever! If you are wanting a hysterically funny hens night this is theĀ adult game for you!

Punishment and Reward Cards include such delights as:

  • Tell us the wildest thing you have ever done.
  • Demonstrate how you are going to be making love when you are 85 years old.
  • Body Shot - you pick the body to drink on.
  • and lots more wonderfully embarrassing tasks, dares and truths!

Willie Jump Rope adult game includes:

1 x Willie Jump Rope
1 x Set of Punishment/Reward Cards
1 x Pecker Whistle
1 x Set of Handcuffs

Willie Jump Rope will provide lots of laugh and much entertainment at any hens night or adult party.