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Kama Sutra Board Game

explore your fantasies and bodies

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Product description :

Kama Sutra Board Game puts the thousand-year old principles of the Kama Sutra in a whole new light. Roll the dice and explore your desires, fantasies and bodies and have fun developing a deeper understanding of what your lover and you like and want in your intimate relationship.

You will travel the beautifully-illustrated game board and draw cards. The dice are versatile so that they may be thrown like dice, or positioned into exciting arrangements. The cards range from sharing sweet thoughts to petting to actual sexual positions.
Turn your evening into an erotic journey with this Kama Sutra Board Game for couples. Includes game board, 2 sculptured Kama Sutra dice, 56 position and activity cards, play pieces and instructions for three different games-enjoy hours of pleasure and intimate fun.