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Intimate Organics Sensual Massage Oil

100% organic massage oil

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Product description :

Intimate Organics Sensual Massage Oil helps to relax, unwind, free your mind and create an intimate setting and frees inhibitions for both partners. It is beneficial for stress, muscle cramps, and tension. This relaxing massage oil blend contains certified organic extracts of aloe, lemongrass, and coconut. It is made with USDA Board Certified Organic Extracts; is paraben, glycerine and DEA free -this massage oil is pure vegan and never tested on animals.

Massages are such a good thing for a relationship. It's another great way to bond with your partner. For a good massage oil is a must - not body lotion. Intimate Organics Sensual Massage Oil is designed to stay on the skin longer and provide a better glide along the body.

Intimate Organics was created in 2008 to give women and men a safer and a more natural choice for enjoying intimate moments, alone or together. Intimate Organics is committed to making unique, high quality products to increase excitement and intimacy between partners. At Intimate Organics they believe superior ingredients make superior products.