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Handyman Potent Developer

scientifically developed penis pump

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RRP $107.98  $73.15

Product description :

The Potent Developer Penis Pump is scientifically developed by European urologists to dramatically increase cock size and overall performance with its high intensity and super sucking capabilities.

The Potent Developer Penis Pump offers a chance to increase the girth of the cock, but gives pleasurable sensations during the pumping motion. Place your cock into the translucent cylinder and use the medical-style pump to achieve the gains you desire.

You'll be amazed at how your penis will grow after just a few potent pumps from this sophisticated penis enlarger!

This newfound gain can improve confidence and performance in the bedroom. Powerful Potent Developer Penis Pump will offer you with the particular scale and self-confidence you've always dreamed about with zero harmful negative effects.

The medical-style penis enlarger is easy to operate and the sheath is removable for easy clean-up as well.

It's a potent developer which can maximise your potential!