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Lever Action Penis Pump

powerful and easy to clean

Availability: In stock

Manufacturer: Seven Creations

RRP $83.94  $58.29

Product description :

Lever Action Penis Pump is a unique designed penis pump with lever action. Hold it with one hand and pump with the other.

You use a cock pump when you want a harder, larger and stronger erection . The Lever Action Penis Pump gets you there with a totally different type of action. The Lever Action is much stronger than regular suction bulbs and is easy to manoeuvre. Men with arthritis in their fingers or who have trouble gripping a suction bulb in the heat of the moment will find this penis pump a dream come true.

The rigid tube is made of plastic and it's easy to clean and maintain. The total length is 12.6" and the diameter is 2.6". The Lever Action Penis Pump is the latest in technology designed to give you the erection you have always wanted.

This cock pump comes with a measurer on the pump so you can keep track of your length.