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Micro Butterfly Stimulator

discreet clit stimulator

Availability: In stock

Manufacturer: Seven Creations

RRP $47.94  $37.94

Product description :

Micro Butterfly Stimulator is a multi-speed clitoral vibrator made of soft jelly with hand control that gives you hands free clitoral stimulation.

Features adjustable nylon straps that ensure comfort and a perfect fit. You simply strap it on and use the hand control to speed things up or slow them down. The harness slips on quickly and easily, and once in place can be forgotten, no bulky straps to worry about.

This discreet waterproof micro stimulator can be worn during lovemaking sessions without getting in the way. The silicone butterfly offers a perfect soft touch with a powerful self contained vibrating motor. The four speed hand control makes this easy to operate without having to fumble around.

This user friendly butterfly vibrator should be in every girl's night table! This is a great sex toy in both love making with someone else or by yourself.